Sex Slave on Board

Calum hated his father for sending him to a boarding school for boys. He was just fourteen and the school was in the depth of the country north of Kirkton in Scotland and about forty miles from Dundee where he’d been born. He’d always been an effeminate child which angered his father who was a dominant man. “It will make a man of you” he’d told his only child but Calum knew what would happen once there.

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love poem – Dangling

I sigh into you, rock face strength
Like stone my heat, my will,

Legs dangled off your lap
My feet unable to touch ground,
Even in that, i need your help, Daddy.

You are the external fire keeper
Burning off my oxygen.
I don’t breathe for your breath.

I lay my head on your shoulder,
My neck bends not unlike
The stalk of a sunflower

Oh Sun, I trace you
Waiting for heat and light
Unable to extend, curled up small and abandoned

Your large hands rub my back
O, trembling destinies
In this dimension, it is this way

Your hands firmly drift southward,
Lifting lace hemline, you say
“Open up for Daddy.”

And I do,
My screaming sphincter
A testament of a daughter’s love

married sex – Anticipation of release

I’ve been married a few years to my awesome husband, I love him in ways I never knew were possible. We’re very busy im a night nurse, he’s a mechanic, we have two small children, sometimes an entire week can go by before we have the chance to be intimate. But if we could we would make love every day, we used to before we became parents. When two people who are very attracted to each other and have high libidos are forced to wait due to life’s circumstances it can be very frustrating, but the frustration builds into anticipation and when you finally get to each other it’s an incredible release. Continue reading “married sex – Anticipation of release”

Double Penetration

At my bridal shower, one of my friends gifted me a big purple dildo and while I was initially embarrassed to receive that in front of my family, friends and future in-laws, I would later be grateful for it.  I grew to enjoy the “life-like” feeling and that it had a section cup strong enough to use in the shower. Continue reading “Double Penetration”

ग़लत रिश्ता ( भाई बहन का )

दोस्तो ये कहानी आशु ने लिखी है मैं इसे इस फोरम पर पोस्ट कर रहा हूँ आप सब इस कहानी को ज़रूर एंजाय करेंगे
सोनू अपने स्कूल से घर जाते हुए आज कुछ ज़्यादा ही एक्साइटेड था…होता भी क्यों नहीं, आज उसकी बहन सोनिया जो आ रही थी हॉस्टल से..

सोनू और सोनिया जुड़वां भाई-बहन थे, दोनो अभी 12th क्लास में थे…

2 साल पहले 10th के बाद उनके पेरेंट्स ने सोनिया को देहरादून के एक हॉस्टिल में पढ़ने के लिए भेज दिया था.

कारण था उसका 10th में फैल हो जाना… Continue reading “ग़लत रिश्ता ( भाई बहन का )”

Urdu sex stoey – بھابھی کی چُوت

میرا نام اَمِت ہے۔ میری کںپیُوٹر سافٹویر اور ہارڈویّر کا پھیس ہے گُجرات میں۔ میں اؤر میرے گھر والے بہُت ہی سِمپل ہیں۔ اِس لِئے میرا سوبھاو ایک اَچّھے لڑکے کی ترہ ہے۔ پر کیا پتا ایک دِن میری زِںدگی ہی بدلنے والی تھی۔ وو زِںدگی ایک بھابھی نے اؤر اُسکی سہیلی نے بدل دی۔ اُس بھابھی کا نام پُشپا بھابھی تھا۔ میںنے کبھی اُسے نہیں دیکھا تھا پر پُشپا بھابھی سب کُچھ میرے بارے میں جانتی تھی۔ Continue reading “Urdu sex stoey – بھابھی کی چُوت”

Meri Pyaari Behnain – A Pakistani Incest Story

Mera naam Ali hai, main lahore main rehta hoon. meri age 32 hai … yeh kahani jin waqiat per mabni hai wo aj se kuchh saal pehle ke hain.. meri age us waqat 23 thi aur main punjab unversity main ker rha tha.. mere ghar main mere ilawa ammi, abu, 3 behnain aur aik chota bhai thay. meri ammi house wife thien aur har waqat ghar ke kamoon main busy rehti thien.. jab ke abu aik boht successful lawyer thay. jis ki wajah se humain kabhi kisi cheez ki kami nhi hoti thi. ab main aata hoon apni kahani ke main kirdaaroon ki taraf. Continue reading “Meri Pyaari Behnain – A Pakistani Incest Story”

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